The STP Board will now be holding its meetings in public. You will find details of the meeting venues and timings as well as the meeting agenda and papers on this page. Although the STP Board is not a statutory NHS body we want to ensure openness and accountability to the public in the business of the Board and, therefore, our meetings will operate in a similar manner to Statutory NHS body Boards.

STP Board meetings take place every two months:

Thursday 22 November 2018.  Allia Future Business Centre, Peterborough. 3:00pm – 5:30pm.
Thursday 21 January 2019.      Venue TBC
Thursday 21 March 2019.         Venue TBC


In order to prepare for these public meetings we have decided to publish previous STP Board meeting minutes here.

STP Board Minutes 14.09.2017

STP Board Minutes 16.10.2017 – Redacted

STP Board Minutes 30.11.2017

STP Board Minutes 25.01.2018

STP Board Minutes 22.03.2018 – Redacted

We are also publishing our Health and Care Executive meeting minutes here.

HCE minutes 16.05.2016 – Redacted

HCE minutes 26.05.2016

HCE minutes 06.06.2016

HCE minutes 20.06.2016

HCE minutes 18.07.2016 – Redacted

HCE minutes 01.08.2016 – Redacted

HCE minutes 16.08.2016

HCE minutes 12.09.2016 – Redacted

HCE minutes 26.09.2016

HCE minutes 11.10.2016

HCE minutes 27.10.2016

HCE minutes 10.11.2016 – Redacted

HCE minutes 21.11.2016

HCE minutes 13.12.2016 – Redacted

HCE minutes 12.01.2017

HCE minutes 26.01.2017 – Redacted

HCE minutes 09.02.2017 – Redacted

HCE minutes 23.02.2017

HCE minutes 09.03.2017

HCE minutes 23.03.2017

HCE minutes 20.04.2017 – Redacted

HCE minutes 25.05.2017 – Redacted

HCE minutes 22.06.2017

HCE minutes 13.07.2017 – Redacted

HCE minutes 25.08.2017 – Redacted