There are opportunities for patients, carers, and local people to be involved in specific improvements we will make, as well as opportunities for staff and local people to help shape proposals for service change.

We also need a shared understanding about how best to use your valuable health and care services, and your priorities.

When we make changes, we aim to involve patients as early as possible – working alongside clinicians to help design services, as well as giving feedback.

You will be able to have a say in key decisions, including formal consultation.

And we want to help you look after yourself and take control of your own health and care.

We are committed to being as inclusive and open as possible. We will listen to all contributions and use these contributions to influence the decisions we make.

How you can get involved

If you want to be part of the discussion and work with us to develop solutions, please contact us via email on

You can also register on this website – complete the ‘keep in touch’ section below.

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