Monday 23 November 2020

  • Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5BQ
  • 23/11/2020 12:30 pm - 23/11/2020 3:00 pm
  • We are very keen to hear your views, and so members of the public will have the opportunity to ask questions of the Board. In order that a full answer can be provided at the Board meeting, we request that any questions be submitted in writing to at least two days prior to the meeting date.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, STP Board Meetings will be held via video conference until further notice.  If you wish to join the video conference to observe the meeting, please contact to obtain a meeting link.

    Please see STP Board Agenda and Meeting Papers below:

    2020_11_23 – STP Board Agenda PUBLIC

    2020_11_23 – STP Board Report – Communications Plan

    2020_11_23 – STP Board Report – Diabetes

    2020_11_23 – STP Board Report – Update on Early Help-Older Children and Vulnerable Adolescents-Mental Health Strategies

    Appendix 1- BSiL Strategy

    Appendix 2 – Early Help Strategy progress presentation

    Appendix 3 – Developing a ‘digital first’ type II diabetes care pathway in Primary Care