World-class hospital care – delivered closer to home

Future Scenario

Visha, a Geriatrician, has always strived to provide the very best care available anywhere and, although they handle an enormous number of patients, she is proud of the outstanding results achieved by her hospital-based team.

Visha was recruited onto the transition team which managed the set up of a new service running satellite clinics. Working with Paul, one of the GP leads, she realised that this challenging change could mean even better treatment and an improved experience for patients. By setting up a buddying system, Visha’s specialist expertise and Paul’s broader experience were combined and Paul was supported to take on monitoring and care which would previously have required a hospital visit. Visha’s team is now on rota to advise local GPs 24/7 via a hotline, so reducing the number of patients reaching them through A&E.

The practice at which Paul is based proved an ideal location for outpatient clinics. As a community ‘hub’, it is well-equipped and a new IT system enables Visha to access patient records and communicate with specialist colleagues – whether she is in the practice or on her ward.