Looking forward – keeping active

Future scenario

Mark gave up playing rugby after a broken wrist and had become an armchair fan at the age of 39. He still enjoyed regular evenings out, and was ashamed to admit that his smoking had increased since he gave up sport. But Mark remained convinced he was still fit and healthy – with nothing to worry about.

Aisha, Mark’s GP, was not so sure. Responding to an invitation for a regular check-up, Mark was told that he was significantly overweight, with warning signs suggesting he was at risk of developing diabetes. Aisha knew that persuading Mark to make the lifestyle changes he needed would require both a plan and support.

First, she connected him to the local smoking cessation service, which organised drop-in sessions Mark could easily get to, and put him in touch with a fitness coach who could recommend an exercise programme to suit him.

She also realised that Mark’s smartphone was his window on the world, and suggested some websites and a wellbeing app to help him plan and stick to his diet and fitness regime.