Living beyond psychosis

Future scenario

Jack was becoming increasingly isolated; he had stopped attending school and seeing his friends, and had complained of hearing voices. Following a comprehensive assessment at which he was considered to have developed an early onset psychosis, he was referred to the early intervention service. He began a three-year programme tailored to his needs. The service worked with Jack to deliver a holistic care plan.

Family therapy enabled Jack and his family to understand more about his experiences and to begin to resolve them. Jack is now aware that he can choose to access a wealth of insight and to share experiences through social media. He is actively involved in monitoring his state of mind, has discussed in advance what he would like to happen in a crisis, and understands what to do if he becomes unwell again. His GP and the practice team are very involved with the care plan and can call on a range of support for Jack. Perhaps the most important connection was with an employment project which supported Jack through his college application. Now, in the second year of his course, Jack can see a much brighter future.