Clinical lead for primary care

DRDr David Roberts, retired GP from Great Staughton Surgery, St Neots, has been appointed as the clinical lead for the Sustainable Primary Care workstream.

The CCG, and David in particular is committed to supporting Primary Care during this critical time. David said on his appointment: “As well as working on ways to do this practically, with measures to reduce pressures on GPs, support practices working together and support for practice managers, the Sustainable Primary Care workstream is part of the current work being done to develop a system-wide plan which aims to improve coordination of health and social care provision to our patients, while reducing duplication and moving patients between services.

“The CCG wants to work with GP colleagues to develop a vision for primary medical care that is ‘Fit for the Future’ and includes the full spectrum of care from prevention, through usual GP care to high quality coordinated care for the more vulnerable of our patients in ways that are sustainable. We are urgently addressing workload and workforce issues to help General Practice to flourish and remain the bedrock of accessible ongoing care for the years to come.”