In July 2015, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was selected as one of eight national Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) Vanguard sites.

Fifty Vanguard sites across England were selected as part of the national New Care Models programme. Vanguard sites lead on developing new ways of delivering local health care and services to provide better, safer and faster care for patients.

The Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguards relate to recommendations set out in the Keogh Review. These recommendations include:

• To provide better support for self-care
• To help people with urgent care needs get the right advice in the right place, first time
• To provide highly responsive urgent care services outside of hospital, so people no longer choose to queue in A&E
• To ensure that those people with serious or life-threatening emergency care needs receive treatment in centres with the right facilities and expertise in order to maximise chances of survival and a good recovery
• To connect all urgent and emergency care services together so the overall system becomes more than just the sum of its parts.

UEC Overview

How does the Vanguard fit with the Sustainability and Transformation Programme?

The Sustainability and Transformation Programme is looking at how to develop a sustainable health and care system Fit for the Future.

The UEC Vanguard Programme represents the non-elective (i.e. care which isn’t planned) element of the Sustainability and Transformation Programme.


Which areas/services are involved in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough UEC Vanguard Programme?

The UEC Vanguard Programme has been split into five areas of work and will be led by local clinicians such as consultants, GPs, nurses. The workstreams are:

• Admission avoidance/community access
• In-hospital emergency care
• NHS 111/Out of Hours clinical hub
• Post-hospital discharge
• Urgent and Emergency Care for mental health


How will the UEC Vanguard Programme be funded?

As a national Vanguard there is an opportunity to bid for funding support, of which £200m has been made available this financial year across all the 50 Vanguard programmes in England. Each workstream is required to identify the total funding needed to successfully deliver the required change they propose.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough UEC Vanguard Programme will also have access to expertise and support from national clinical leads that will bring new cutting edge ideas to help develop local health and care services locally.